Asha Saidi

Asha Saidi is 15 years old and almost completely blind. She was born on the 8th August 1993 in a village called Bukulu in the District of Kondoa in Dodoma Region, Tanzania. The area is characterised by a lack of rain and high rates of disease. Asha’s blindness is a direct product of poverty and a lack of access to adequate health services

In 1999 she was referred to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) which was host to a well run eye department. To access KCMC regularly she stayed with Anna and Geofrey, who lived in Moshi where ASha would never be able to see properly. Geofrey and Anna were advised to buy glasses for her to enable her to benefit from the small amount of vision that she remained with. They were also advised to enrol her in a blind school.

Anna and Geofrey have struggled to support Asha over the years and they have successfully kept her in school, As much as they wish to, they can no longer afford to pay for the additional costs of Asha’s school.

Asha wants to complete primary school. The alternative is a life informed by poverty and a lack of income earning opportunities. Without primary education, Asha will have to return to her home village to live with her maternal grandmother and mother, neither of whom is able to support her additional needs.

Cherrytech are solely sponsoring Asha through to her finishing her schooling, giving her the chance of a brighter future.


Left – Stuart Knight with: Paul Masefeld, Darren Vose & Khun Nuch after purchasing the Man United shirt at the auction.

Life Home Project -Phuket:

“Shelter for mothers who are HIV positive & their children”

Cherrytech generously supports this project which relies entirely on private donations. Cherrytech has become a “Godparent” to one of the 20 children. Sponsoring a child in the Scholarship programme enabling the child to develop their full potential – breaking the cycle of poverty & stigmatization they would otherwise face.

Various charity events are organised to help raise additional funds – the following was a charity golf tournament & auction at the Laguna Holiday club resort followed by a visit to the Life Home Project.

Various TV personalities & football pundits attended the weekend’s events.

The visitors raised an impressive 500,000 baht which will assist in the purchase of a mini-van to be used as a school bus.


Donation to Widbrook United


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